Episode Ten: Kristen Brida

Breaking the Canon—The Occasional Rewards of Judging a Book by Its Cover—The Ecstatic Ekphrastic—Erasures, Ghazals, and Narcissism, Oh My!—Old Poets, New Technology: Can’t Teach an Old Doggerel New Tricks—Life Before Orpheus—Hibernation and the Writing Cycle

Kristen Brida’s poetry has appeared in The Journal, Fairy Tale Review, New Delta Review, Tinderbox, Hobart, Barrelhouse, Josephine Quarterly, Bone Bouquet, Glass, and Whiskey Island. Her chapbook, The Ma essay is forthcoming from Ghost City Press. Kristen earned her Bachelor of Arts from Susquehanna University and her MFA from George Mason University, where she served as the Editor in Chief of So to Speak. She has also participated in the John Ashbery Home School. Currently, she is the Marketing Editor in Charge of Promotions for Gazing Grain Press and works in academic publishing in Philadelphia. She tweets @kristenbrida. 

Read Kristen’s Work Here

“Helen on how her daughter reacted after she returned from Troy”

Two Poems

“An Erasure by Philomela”

“That Time I met Helen of Troy in the Underworld”

2 Poems

Kristen’s Picks



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