The Podcast

Just the Gist Please is a podcast featuring emerging, developing, up-and-coming, hustling writers, many of whom are past or current MFA students. MFA stands for Master of Fine Arts. You can earn an MFA degree in many different disciplines (visual arts, theater, dance, hamster habitat design…etc.), but this blog and corresponding podcast focus on writing and writers.

The mission of Just the Gist Please is twofold. First, I want to provide a platform for writers to showcase their work. Second, I want to make the MFA experience and writing programs generally more transparent for those considering them.

Each episode of the podcast will feature a different writer and contain three segments:

The Rule of Three – To help listeners get to know the guests, they will be invited to discuss three books they love right now, not their all-time favorites (no one wants the fact that they once claimed Twilight, The Catcher in the Rye, and Ulysses as their favorite three books to live on the internet forever).

Show Your Work – The guests will read and discuss a 2-4 minute excerpt of their work. As anyone who has ever come back from wine tasting with $250 of dessert wine knows, less is more. If you like what you hear, there will be links to more with each episode.

The ExposĂ© – The guests will tell stories from their MFA experiences. We want the pearls of wisdom, but more importantly the drunken professor rants, workshop showdowns, journal layout lays. We want Jonathan Franzen picking his nose in the back seat of your car as you take him from his reading to the airport.

If you are interested in learning more about the podcast, sponsoring us, or being a guest on the podcast, please use our contact form.

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